18 House Property Portfolio, Nottingham, NG17

Offers Over £1,900,000


Tyron Ash Real Estate are pleased to present this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a bulk portfolio of 18 separate houses in desirable areas of Nottingham from NG16-NG19 - High Yielding, Enquire now!

Tyron Ash Real Estate present the chance to buy this incredibly high yield property portfolio based in Nottingham built up of 18 freehold properties in NG16, NG17, NG18 and NG19.

This is a great opportunity for an investor who is looking to purchase a large property portfolio. This portfolio includes 18 properties meaning you can get a fantastic rental return and yield for the price.

Due to it being split up into many smaller homes this means your investment is also very secure and even if one tenant were to move out, you would still have 17 other income- producing properties - much better than having all your money in one big asset!

With a total individual value of nearly £2.4 million - this also provides the chance to buy this in bulk at a great discount. Does it get any better?

Now onto the important bit... the figures that make you money:
Conservative Prospective Monthly Rent: £13,100
Conservative Prospective Yearly Rent: £166,000
Giving nearly 9% Yield at an extremely conservative level!

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Price:Offers Over £1,900,000



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