2 Bedroom Apartment Jumeirah Village Circle



Electra consists of 3B+G+38 floor primarily residential building located in JVC named after a blue-white giant star in the constellation of Taurus, about 400 light years away from us. It is the third-brightest star in the Pleiades open star cluster, visible to the naked eye like the other bright stars of the Pleiades, it is named for one of the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology.

This architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to opulence, where every facet of its design and amenities exudes a sense of grandeur. From the moment one steps into the meticulously crafted spaces of Electra, a feeling of sophistication envelops residents, creating an ambiance that seamlessly combines comfort with refinement.

This really is a very impressive location for living and investment with such fantastic Amenities and its location this really isn’t one to be missed.

The location of this Development really isn’t to be looked past with the below not all within 20 minutes away this really is also the perfect location.

15-20 Mins from Downtown / Burj Khalifa

10-15 Mins from Mall of the Emirates

15-25 Mins from Burj Al Arab

15-20 Mins from Global Village

15-20 Mins from Intl Airport

15-20 Mins EXPO 2020

This Fantastic Development comes with the best of Amenities such as.

• Arcade games room
• BBQ area
• Beach Theme pool
• Full gym equipment
• Kids indoor play area
• Kid cinema
• Jacuzzi
• Kids pool
• Sky pool
• Mini golf
• Sauna
With a 20% down and very advertising payment plans of 75/25 post-handover and 70/30 pre handover payment plans this really is a great opportunity.

2 Bedroom Apartment Jumeirah Village Circle



Property Size:1097 sqft



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